Dr. Yang Waikiki Discusses Non-Invasive Pain Treatment For Back and Nerve Pain

Dr. Sung Yang Honolulu Hawaii

July 13, 2021

Dr. Yang Waikiki Discusses Non-Invasive Pain Treatment For Back and Nerve Pain

A leading medical expert and a firm believer in holistic health, Dr. Yang Waikiki is going to discuss non-invasive ways to treat back and nerve pain.

Have you heard that an estimated 8 million American adults are suffering from chronic back pain? Many millions more suffer from nerve pain elsewhere in their bodies. While Americans are living longer, many are struggling with chronic aches. That’s why Dr. Yang Waikiki is going to discuss non-invasive ways to treat back and nerve pain.

“First, pharmacological treatments, including pain medications, are typically non-invasive and can be quite effective,” Dr. Yang Waikiki points out. “That said, many patients rightly want more options because the medications may not relieve all the pain or prevent complications later in life. Also, some of the medications can cause severe side effects which patients do not like.  Fortunately, medications aren’t the only non-invasive way to address the pain.”

Indeed, pain medications can be expensive and also if patients aren’t careful, even addictive. Many medical practitioners are now looking for alternatives for treating nerve pain throughout the body. Treating pain in the back is often especially difficult because so many muscles, joints, discs and bones make up the spine and back and any combination can cause back pain.  Also, there are vulnerable spinal cord and nerve roots and blood vessels that can be injured by an invasive procedure, which can cause devastating harm to the patients.

“Physical therapy, which involves working directly with all the structures of your spine, may help to restore blood flow, ensure proper alignment, reduce excess tension in these structures thereby reducing the inflammation that is causing the pain,” Dr. Yang Waikiki says. “While medications usually offer temporary relief, it’s important to address the root causes of pain.”

Often, a combination of physical therapy and some medications provide an excellent short-term solution for patients. The medications can reduce pain and inflammation while medical experts help you restore the function and stability of your spine.

Lastly, cortisone injections into the area near the structures of the spine are another and perhaps the best non-invasive method of pain treatment, according to  Dr. Yang Waikiki.  This method called the trigger point injection (TPI) involves injecting a small amount of cortisone, an anti-inflammatory medication, into the area near the disc, nerve root, joint and muscles of the spine without the risk of injuring these sensitive structures and causing a procedure complication and more discomfort for the patient.  For example, if a certain discs of the spine are the cause of the pain and inflammation the cortisone is injected into nearby sciatic nerve originating from the discs and passing through the gluteal muscles (the buttock area). TPI can be very effective and quickly done in the office and also very safe.  Patients can usually walk out of the office on their own after the procedure.

Dr. Yang Waikiki Talks About Preventing Pain

As the body ages, pains in the back, neck, and elsewhere on the spine often become more common. Yet when it comes to pain, young people, and especially parents, need to keep an eye out. Good posture offers another way to treat and even prevent back pain problems.

Posture is important for adults and children. These days many people of all ages have poor posture not just from the activities at home or work but also from using their electronic devices such as ipads, iphones and computers.   If young people do not correct their posture  they may experience health problems that are difficult to correct later in life.  With age the muscles, joints and discs that primarily support the body weight and align the spine become weaker and therefore can be more prone to injuries that cause inflammation and thus neck and back pain, which can be more difficult to treat at that time.

“With kids, it’s important to encourage good posture right out of the gate,” Dr. Yang Waikiki says. “Since our spine has 4 natural curvatures from neck to the tailbone you have to consciously align the spine along these curvatures so that all the structures of the spine such as discs, nerve, joints and muscle bear a steady weight while sitting or standing, similar to the curved support under a bridge.  One way to do this while sitting on a chair is to place a long towel over your neck and pull the ends of the towel directly in front of you with your hands.  As a result, your neck and shoulders automatically restore the 4 natural curvatures of your spinel.  Furthermore, you should also engage in weight-bearing exercises to strength the muscles of the spine as well as increase blood flow to all the structures of the spine,” Dr. Yang Waikiki says.

The proper exercise routine now could prevent back pain and other problems in the future. However, training your spine could help ensure strong health and reduced pain of the spine for years to come.