Dr. Sung Yang Discusses How to Receive Rapid and Accurate COVID-19 Testing

Dr. Sung Yang Honolulu Hawaii

September 1, 2020

Dr. Sung Yang recently discussed the best options for receiving fast and accurate COVID-19 testing.

 The only way to find out if you have COVID-19 is through coronavirus testing. However, not all coronavirus testing is considered equal. Dr. Sung Yang recently discussed the best options for receiving fast and accurate COVID-19 testing if you’re experiencing symptoms of the virus or think you may have come in contact with it.

Dr. Sung Yang explained that the Food and Drug Administration has been working nonstop to make coronavirus tests more available to healthcare providers and the public. Dr. Sung Yang added that there are currently two types of coronavirus tests available, antibody tests and diagnostic tests.

“The antibody test basically searches for antibodies that your immune system has created to respond to the virus. This type of test does not accurately tell you if you have the virus right now,” Dr. Sung Yang said. This test is used to determine if it is likely that you already had the virus, whether you experienced symptoms or not.Dr. Sung Yang

Dr. Sung Yang added that diagnostic tests are the ones that can determine if you currently have the virus. These molecular tests can detect the genetic material of the virus. Dr. Sung Yang suggested that molecular coronavirus testing is one of the most accurate ways to determine whether or not you have the virus. However, he added that no method of testing is currently 100-percent accurate.

“We’re happy that the FDA has now authorized molecular testing with at-home collection,” Dr. Sung Yang said. “It’s one of the most convenient and safest ways to get tested, especially if the person is feeling very ill.

Dr. Sung Yang explained that these at-home collection tests typically require a sample of saliva or nasal swab. Molecular tests are currently considered the most reliable diagnostic testing option, and the FDA has authorized more than 100 companies with the ability to distribute such tests. Dr. Sung Yang added that while at-home test kits are more convenient for the user, the swab or sample must be mailed to a lab for processing. This can take time and may prolong the diagnosis and recovery if the person is infected.

“Those who need their results right away should contact their healthcare provider to receive a molecular test in person,” Dr. Sung Yang said. “Rapid diagnostic tests have now been introduced, and the results can be available in minutes.”

Dr. Sung Yang explained that while at-home testing is growing in popularity, the only way to receive the most accurate and rapid results is to have a molecular diagnostic test performed at an authorized healthcare provider or testing facility.