Best Korean Restaurants in Honolulu per Dr. Yang Waikiki

Dr. Sung Yang Honolulu Hawaii

December 11, 2020

Nearly 42,000 people of Korean descent live in Honolulu. Dr. Yang Waikiki is one of them and he recommends his top picks for some of the best Korean restaurants in the county. After you try a few, you may add your own favorites to the list below. Enjoy!

Dr. Yang Waikiki Praises Korean Dishes at Favorite Restaurants

Sura Hawaii offers eat-in and take-out options and its menu selections include Stone Pot Bibim Bab in chicken, beef, or shrimp combinations. “Bibim” means using different ingredients mixed with rice. Seasoned vegetables and kimchi are favorite ingredients in this Korean soul food. Dr. Yang Waikiki prefers the shrimp dish and often goes to the restaurant for happy hours with friends. The ambiance and friendly staff make the place feel like home for Korean residents in Honolulu.

Nothing compares to cooking your own food over a barbecue grill.. Korean BBQ is world-renowned for its variety of meats and sauces, plentiful side dishes of vegetables, and the communal experience of cooking, relaxing, and reconnecting with friends. Gen Korean BBQ House is the best place to do this in Honolulu. Dr. Yang Waikiki says it’s a great place to go on weeknights for busy couples and parents with no time to cook. The casual atmosphere and great food are a huge draw for all inhabitants of the city, not just those with ties to Korea, says Dr. Yang Waikiki.

Soon’s Kal Bi Drive-In offers an interesting twist on Korean-inspired food. They have affordable Bento boxes and Bulgogi that regulars order by the dozens at lunchtime. Dr. Yang Waikiki appreciates this restaurant for embracing an American tradition with the drive-in theme. It is a staunch reminder that, although Koreans in Honolulu cherish their culture, they are American in every way, right down to the melting pot of Kal Bi short ribs and chicken sandwiches available on the menu.

Dr. Yang Waikiki Advises Korean Visitors to Eat Their Way Through the City

There are more than a dozen Korean restaurants in Honolulu, so Dr. Yang Waikiki recommends trying several of them nearest to where you live or are staying. Honolulu offers a beautifully diverse spread when it comes to food choices. Why not find out how Koreans eat in Hawaii? Dr. Yang Waikiki is proud of his heritage and happy that there are many places for hungry Koreans to feast in his adopted city.