4 Tips to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Other Viruses

Dr. Sung Yang Honolulu Hawaii

December 11, 2020

Dr. Yang Waikiki is a seasoned physician who opened his own practice in Hawaii as a means of providing the locals with personalized treatments and cutting edge procedures that are not widely accessible in the area. Given that he has been on the frontlines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Yang Waikiki has seen many COVID-19 cases in his office that made him want to advise the local communities and the world what they can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With that in mind, here is a list of 4 tips Dr. Yang Waikiki recommends.

Wash Hands

This may seem like a no-brainer, but Dr. Yang Waikiki felt this was worth mentioning. The best practice for washing one’s hands is to do so for at least 20 seconds at a time, using high-quality hand soap. He encourages everyone to wash their hands whenever they have been potentially exposed to germs or when they have gone hours without doing so.

Social Distance

Despite the fact that many people seem to be becoming laxer in terms of this, Dr. Yang Waikiki maintains that everyone should still be staying 6-feet away from others when they are in the general public. Moreover, this should also be the case anytime people are around those who they do not live with or come into contact with regularly.


Also, Dr. Yang Waikiki encourages everyone to disinfect frequently used surfaces often. For instance, this could be counters, desks, floors, door handles, etc. Anything else that is frequently used should also be frequently cleaned.

Stay Healthy

Also, Dr. Yang Waikiki wants everyone to know that taking care of one’s current health is the best way to ward off COVID-19. Eating well, taking vitamins, drinking lots of water, taking your prescription medications and following up with your doctor are the best ways to maintain your health and the immune system to reduce your risk of any COVID-19 infection.

According to Dr. Yang Waikiki, during this COVID-19 pandemic everyone should take even better care of their health especially if they have chronic conditions such as diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, and heart / lung / kidney disease. Although age greater 65 also puts many people at risk any of these conditions can increase the risk of severe COVID-19 infection regardless of how young or old they are.

Dr. Sung Yang warns that these chronic conditions can increase the risk for a severe form of COVID-19 infection that is characterized by lung failure, heart failure, and clots in the legs which then leads to hospitalization, ventilator use and other complex treatments. Based on numerous U.S. research studies the Center for Disease Control (CDC) concluded that people with BMI (body mass index) greater 40 or even 30 is at very high risk for severe COVID-19.

Therefore, in addition to the classic complications of these conditions such as heart attack, stroke, heart or kidney failure some people may experience severe COVID-19 complications that cause even more suffering and disability, says Dr. Sung Yang.

At his medical office Dr. Yang Waikiki can make sure that these chronic conditions are even better controlled so that you do not develop severe COVID-19. Yes, it is true that many people with COVID-19 infection have mild or no symptoms and do well at home. However, in order to be free from severe COVID-19  everyone must do his or her part by taking care of the current health.  Dr. Yang Waikiki can work with you to make sure this goal is achieved !!!.

About Dr. Yang Waikiki

Dr. Yang Waikiki is a well-respected physician who does the bulk of his work in Honolulu, Hawaii. He prides himself on the ability to be able to provide each and every patient with the utmost care and compassion. He opened his practice to make high-quality, personalized treatments available to the population of Hawaii at large. Moving forward, Dr. Yang Waikiki hopes to make treatments that are high-quality accessible to various areas that may be otherwise struggling to provide their residents with much-needed medical care, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.